La Gatta Straniera


A small volcanic island is home to a unique and secluded community of elderly people. Over the course of a year, five isolated characters from different backgrounds and nationalities arrive on the island, all with their personal bag of problems to carry up the steep mountain. The magic of the place in its beauty and simplicity forces them all to question their pasts and think hard about their paths for the future. As they try to break free of whatever it is that weighs them down, it appears that the island’s inhabitants have just the right kind of witty wisdom to help out.

Status in development
Genre Episodic film, humorous drama
Length 100min
English & German title The Stray Cat / Die Fremde Katze (working title)

Producer Germany Kabinett Film – Lissi Muschol & Margot Haiböck
Co-Producer Italy Dugong Films – Marco Alessi –
Authors Lissi Muschol & Merle Vierck
Production Design Merle Vierck
Further Crew & Cast to be announced
Funding FFA – German-Italian Coproduction Development Fund 2017

Festivals & Markets
70. Locarno Festival, August 2017 – Alliance for Development